Whatever Happened To The ThunderCats Movie? Adam Wingard Finally Gives An Update

A film as big as “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” is a massive undertaking, so it’s understandable that it required much of Adam Wingard’s time and energy. But considering that the “ThunderCats” script is actively being worked on, there’s a good chance cameras could start rolling relatively soon on that project. That said, this all assumes that Wingard doesn’t get sidetracked by another big movie he got himself attached to around the same time as the animated series’ big-screen adaptation.

2021 was also the year when Wingard was linked to the “Face/Off” remake, and he’s honestly the perfect director for that reboot’s blend of action and ridiculousness. Wingard mentioned to io9 that “ThunderCats” is merely “one of the top priorities,” and it sounds like “Face/Off” is the other one that could eat into his schedule. In the interview, he discussed how he and Simon Barrett worked on the remake’s script before passing it off to someone else. “Right now [‘Face/Off’ is] still inactive, so I think the plan with that one will be that writer will continue working, and whenever that draft is done, Simon and I will get it back and we’ll take another crack at it.”

Since Wingard classified “Face/Off” as “inactive” while saying he’s “actively” writing for “ThunderCats,” it would make more sense for the latter to be next on his slate since that sounds like it’s further along. Either way, Wingard is keeping busy, and hopefully his eventual “ThunderCats” movie will please fans. That should be easy to do as long as he avoids the missteps that were made in the R-rated “Thundercats sequel and its unnecessarily explicit “He-Man” crossover.

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