Who Does Chris Hemsworth Play In Furiosa? Mad Max Fans Have Some Theories

Fans will recall that Joe was the tyrannical villain in “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and considering the new movie is a prequel, we could definitely see his origin story come to light. On the other hand, though, many other fans have disputed the theory, suggesting that the two characters will actually be at odds.

In fact, this theory was floated over a year ago by u/freshjim on the r/MadMax subreddit, and fans who have played the video game tie-in for “Mad Max: Fury Road” were quick to dispute it. “Dementus is the main villain. He’s even mentioned in the video game,” wrote u/TheRocketBush.

The user also offered some background for those who haven’t played the “Mad Max” game. “You visit his tomb in a side quest, and he’s mentioned in some character bios. Not a very prevalent character.” So, is Chris Hemsworth playing Immortan Joe or not? While the marketing thus far suggests that he is not, there are the classic movie twist rules to consider.

In theory, it’s still a possibility that Hemsworth could be playing both characters. Furthermore, we might even come to see the brutal accident that leaves Joe a mangled version of his former self in “Furiosa.” Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the film releases in 2024 to know any of this for sure, one way or another.

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