Why Auli’i Cravalho Isn’t Playing Moana In Disney’s Live-Action Movie

Though Auli’i Cravalho’s part in “Moana” proved to be her breakout role and is likely still her most high-profile performance, it sounds like the singer and actor has no qualms about passing the part onto someone new, especially if it gets another foot through the door.

“We are used. And I want to tell our own stories. I want to be behind the camera as much as I am in front of it,” Cravalho explained. “When I talk about representation, I want to see the same thing happening in writers’ rooms. I want to see the same thing happening with directors … And Taika Waititi talks about this as well; I wanna see showrunners who are also of indigenous descent telling their own stories.”

While Cravalho won’t be starring in the live-action “Moana” remake, as she alluded to above, she is still a part of the project. As a producer, the performer can still have a part in shaping the “Moana” remake while handing the star-making role off to another actor. “And if it has to start with me – I’m 23, but if it starts with me, so be it,” Cravalho said. “I want that door to swing wide open, and I cannot wait to meet the next Moana.”

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