Why Linda Hamilton Refuses To Play Terminator’s Sarah Connor Ever Again: ‘I’m Done’

During her conversation with Business Insider, Linda Hamilton questioned the very premise of a Terminator franchise reboot, albeit before acknowledging that Hollywood largely revolves around reworking existing IP nowadays. In a separate interview with UPI also promoting “Resident Alien” Season 3, she praised the original “Terminator” movies for their lasting relevance in spite of their old age. It’s perhaps because she still thinks the first films are thematically resonant, then, that she finds the prospect of a reboot to be unnecessary.

“The movies were ahead of their time because they did predict a certain reality that might come into fruition,” she said. “We know there is a real threat from AI… I didn’t write [‘The Terminator’]. I don’t get to be the soothsayer that warned everyone. I embodied the soothsayer and it’s kind of interesting to be that person right now.”

So, even if Hamilton is uninterested in playing Sarah Connor in a new project, she does appreciate the fact that the first two Terminator films have become somewhat prophetic in hindsight. Nevertheless, it seems she’s content to leave her contributions to the classic and prescient franchise in the past.

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