Why Megan Is Missing’s Barrel Scene Left Viewers ‘Traumatized’

As if this reveal wasn’t troubling enough, Josh forces Amy into the barrel before burying her alive. While horror movies are known to let the villain win from time to time, “Megan is Missing” is an especially gruesome example, made all the more palpable by its nature as a found footage film.

Audiences were understandably traumatized by the film’s conclusion, sharing their thoughts in a YouTube comments section. “What chills and scares me most in a movie, more than any monster or explicit gore, is screaming,” wrote user @darkprose. “You can almost hear the moment her mind was lost forever.”

The user suggests that the thought of the mental anguish Amy endures at the end of “Megan is Missing” is more terrifying than being murdered in such an awful fashion, and it’s a sentiment others seem to share. “When she was about to get buried, she seemed so calm and defeated,” wrote @Mizuki_Fortnite. ‘I love you, Josh, please don’t do this.’ She seemed like all hope was lost.” 

While few of us, if any, can recall experiencing such a harrowing moment, it’s certainly true that Amy’s begging makes the ending far more haunting. “This might be the most disturbing ending to any film I’ve ever seen,” wrote @alexthomas962. Judging by the reactions to “Megan is Missing,” many would agree.

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