Why Ryan Reynolds’ New IF Commercial Replaces John Krasinski With Randall Park

Randall Park taking John Krasinski’s spot in the “IF” ad is a fun bit to direct some extra attention toward the film, and that “Office” prank may just have the greatest longevity out of any from the sitcom. It’s intriguing because Park himself actually forgot he was on “The Office” since his role was so brief, but it seems he can’t escape it now. It comes up all the time, including in a 2023 interview Park had with The Movie Dweeb on TikTok, where the interviewer mentioned how he and Krasinski are pretty identical, including the fact they both got into directing. 

While Krasinski actually helmed “IF” as well as both “A Quiet Place” movies, Park made his feature-length directorial debut with 2023’s “Shortcomings.” Park revealed he didn’t ask Krasinski for any tips on his film, but he did state, “I did work as an actor on his … I believe it was his directorial debut, which is a little film called ‘The Hollars.'”

The “IF” teaser keeps the gag going, and it’s sure to earn some attention from “The Office” fans. “IF” represents another kind of reunion, as Steve Carell, who plays Michael Scott on “The Office,” voices the imaginary friend Blue. It’s effective marketing to tie “IF” to a show as popular as “The Office.” We’ll see if it pays off when the film comes to theaters on May 17.

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