5 Reasons The Batman Part 2’s Rumored Villain Is A Perfect Fit

As great as Robert Pattinson’s turn in “The Batman” is, Bruce Wayne’s obsession with setting the city straight means we see very little of him outside the Batsuit. If Hush appears in the next film, it would demand Pattinson play more Bruce than Batman, simply because of his new nemesis’ target.

In the comics, Hush is Thomas Elliot, Bruce’s childhood friend who sets about ruining Bruce’s life with the help of The Riddler, who, at this point, has discovered our hero’s secret identity. If “The Batman Part II” adapts this story, it’ll mean more focus on Bruce instead of Batman and show Pattinson perfect the performance of the Gotham-based playboy socialite. Notably, Christian Bale nailed the task during his stint in the Dark Knight trilogy, portraying a Bruce Wayne publicly pretending to be a vapid billionaire. Pattinson may have a more complex job.

In “The Batman,” Pattinson’s perma-brooding as Bruce Wayne arguably makes him the prime suspect for being Batman. If the sequel makes a conscious effort to show Bruce learning to handle his public identity, seeing it tested by Hush would be a compelling watch, especially when there’s a chance of more evil eyes watching him than before.

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