Justice League: Crisis Trailer – What On Infinite Earths Is Going On?

Apart from the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, there are so many players on the table that it’s impossible to name all major figures in the story — but suffice it to say, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” isn’t afraid of deep cuts. The crossover happily mines every single inch of its multiversal nature and uses the opportunity to feature little-known characters like Arion, Lord of Atlantis, and Solovar the Gorilla King at least as prominently as Superman or Batman, especially early on.

Some major players the viewer can expect to encounter include Pariah, who accidentally wakes up the Anti-Monitor and becomes locked in a horrifying existence where he has to witness the last moments of all the universes the villain destroys. Alexander Luthor Jr., a man comprised of both matter and antimatter who’s the sole survivor from a destroyed universe where his father was a superhero, also plays a prominent role. So does the new Doctor Light, as well as the Monitor’s stepdaughter, Harbinger … among many, many others.

In other words, this is the kind of story that can — and absolutely will — make someone like the small-time emotion-manipulating supervillain Psycho-Pirate a critical character. Of course, the story also features plenty of A-list superheroes and villains side by side with the obscure ones. It remains to be seen whether the movie trilogy is willing to dig quite as deep into DC’s superhero arsenal as the comics do, but it’s probably safe to say that some pretty wild names might turn up.

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