Abigail Release Date, Cast, And More Details

The “Abigail” trailer dropped on January 11, and it embraces a classic horror movie truism: little girls are creepy. Especially when said girls are outfitted with razor-sharp teeth and tutus.

Initially, the trailer unfolds like a classic heist movie. A gang of anonymous criminals is assembled, each presumably with their own set of skills. Joey (Melissa Barrera) is tasked with watching Abigail (Alisha Weir), and the two appear to bond. But the set-up is a red herring. Abigail says menacingly, “I’m sorry about what’s gonna happen to you.” The girl shows off her monstrous fangs and superhuman strength, and Joey delivers the kicker: “We kidnapped a f***ing vampire.”

The dark comedy shines in the trailer, which shows the criminals rattling off different pop culture vampires as they figure out how to kill Abigail. Meanwhile, Abigail twirls around the house in her ballerina get-up, doing pliĆ©s and taking names. Blood and gore abound, as does a TikTok-friendly dance move in the vein of “M3GAN.”

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