Snowpiercer Is A Willy Wonka Sequel According To This Convincing Fan Theory

Fans have responded positively to the unbelievably believable assumption that “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and “Snowpiercer” could exist in the same continuity. A Reddit thread about fan-favorite movie theories saw one user mention this concept, with many others sharing their favorite parts.

After seeing “Snowpiercer,” Redditor u/geoduude92 returned to the thread sharing how seamless the theory was, noting, “Seeing also the W logo the whole time sealed it for me,” referring the Wilford’s use of the letter throughout the train similar to Wonka’s branding. Meanwhile, u/Justalilbugboi commented on the aforementioned Oompa Loompa connection, stating, “My favorite part is the compartment being so small but wasn’t built for children now they’re just all that fits.” 

But it’s not only fans who found the theory convincing. Chris Evans, who headlines “Snowpiercer” as revolution leader Curtis Everett, was even left stunned by the connection. In a now-deleted 2018 tweet (via Tumblr), the Captain America star shared, “Oh my god. WOW. I really love this. ‘The snozbabies taste like snozbabies’ (I had a bunch of other good ones but that one was the best).” With a blessing from one of the film’s cast members, can we go ahead and just consider this canon?

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