John Cena’s Deadpool 3 Social Media Post Has The Internet Buzzing

John Cena’s post has no caption, but as his Instagram bio states, “These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.” Admittedly, Cena does have a lot of random photos on his Instagram that don’t seem to mean anything, such as a picture of latte art or Taylor Swift performing. It may just be the actor having a bit of fun at fans’ expense, or there could be hidden messages in everything — with Marvel fans always opting to believe the latter.

X user @royalzealots offers a variation on the “John Cena as Cable” theory: “There’s a new rumor that Cena will play a variant [of Cable] for the movie … and John Cena just posted a pic of Deadpool on his IG.” With a Time Variance Authority agent spotted in leaked set photos, it’s clear that “Deadpool 3” will explore the multiverse. Bringing back Cable would make sense from a story perspective, and if the project can’t get Brolin back, Cena would make an outstanding backup.

Of course, people can really get into the weeds with Marvel fan theories, and the ones about Cena’s “Deadpool 3” are no different. It’s worth noting that Cena recently posted a picture of Taylor Swift, who’s also been rumored to join the “Deadpool 3” cast as the mutant Dazzler. Perhaps Cena will play Longshot, who’s been romantically linked with Dazzler in Marvel Comics. Granted, that’s a bit of a stretch. You may even say it’s a … long shot. 

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