AI Reimagines Disney’s Aladdin As A Sci-Fi Movie & It’s A Whole New World

While it’s hard to imagine Disney — or any studio — taking a big risk to give “Aladdin” the sci-fi treatment, Milan Jaram’s artificial intelligence-assisted interpretation is a great way to visualize what that story could look like, with classic characters like Aladdin (Scott Weinger) and Jasmine (Linda Larkin) given updated costumes to reflect the futuristic time period.

For many, the take might seem sacrilegious, but it’s sort of aligned with a theory that “Aladdin” is actually a dark postapocalypse story in the future, where only Arab nations have survived, suggesting that it isn’t the historical fiction that we think it is despite its supposedly taking place in the 15th century.

In support of this theory, “Aladdin” showcases significant technological advancements, such as a flying carpet and a talking parrot (likely thanks to cybernetic enhancements). Additionally, the Genie (Robin Williams) describes Aladdin’s clothes as being “so last century” even though he’s been stuck in his lamp for 10,000 years, making this AI video all the more intriguing.

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