AI Remakes Batman As A 1980s Dark Fantasy Film

The Batman concept is breathtaking and one of the most unique fan concoctions out there. The world of Gotham is fully realized and the aesthetic of the hypothetical picture takes visual cues from ’80s classics like “Legend,” “Labyrinth,” and “The Company of Wolves.” Characters like the hulking Bane and the Riddler particularly stand out as their comic book essence is successfully combined with a fantastical setting. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful that a project like this would ever be commissioned by Warner Bros. as it might be too niche for general audiences. However, this would be one of the many DC Elseworlds movies that we want James Gunn to bring to the big screen.

As unique as this concept is, it’s been sort of explored in the comic books. Back in 2021, Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri debuted “Dark Knights of Steel,” which sees Batman, Superman, and other key members of the DC-verse in a sword and sandals, high fantasy setting. While that world is more grounded and definitely doesn’t have the same grim and creepy vibe as the images, fans should investigate it if they find the visuals of the concept intriguing. 

Another comic also worth exploring is “Gotham by Gaslight,” which features a Victorian-era, steampunk-like take on Batman. In that comic, Batman goes toe-to-toe with the notorious Jack the Ripper. While it won’t scratch the same itch as the concept, fans will likely appreciate how it expands the Dark Knight’s mythos in a more throwback setting. Need more Batman in your life? Be sure to check out Looper’s rankings for every movie version of “Batman.”

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