Alleged Deadpool 3 Leak May Have Revealed Hugh Jackman’s Rumored Wolverine Mask

In response to @XMenUpdate‘s tweet about the supposedly leaked image of Hugh Jackman’s new Wolverine mask, most comments are either jokes or positive reactions. In one example of the latter, @Bart2389 excitedly praised the mask and added a GIF of “Zoolander” villain Jacobim Mugatu exclaiming, “Dear god, it’s beautiful.” Meanwhile, @SPIDEY1500 wrote, “It’s beautiful bro,” accompanied by a photo of comic book Wolverine shedding a tear.

The photo also gained some traction on Reddit — most notably on a subreddit dedicated to Marvel spoilers. In the thread’s top non-joke comment, u/TrpTrp26 pointed out how surprising it is Jackman is wearing his character’s mask for the first time 24 years after his X-Men debut and then described the design as beautiful.

Some people, like u/Heisenburgo, are particularly interested in the mask’s white eye components. “Actually, it’s so cool that they’re keeping the white eye sockets just like Deadpool’s mask. I never actually thought about it, but it makes sense that they’d include them,” they wrote.

It’s always possible that this leak is inaccurate. However, if it’s real, it seems like Jackman donning a full Wolverine costume will be a very popular creative choice.

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