Best Practice Management Apps for Doctors in India

As a doctor, managing your practice effectively must be one of your prime concerns after ensuring the health and wellness of your patients. With the coming up of several mobile applications for doctors, practice management has been made a lot easier than before. If you are looking for suggestions about the best app for healthcare professionals, here are your options:

Bajaj FinServ Health App

If you are searching for online applications for doctors that offer a one-stop destination for managing your medical practice, download the Bajaj Finserv Health App right away. It can help you store patient records, handle appointments, and give prescriptions. You can manage consultations and talk to your patients through calls, chat, and video through this app. Also, you will find it easy to make and maintain invoices through the app. The listing on the app is free, and there are no additional charges for upto three years. All these features make the app one of the best online consultation apps for doctors and other healthcare professionals. So download the Bajaj FinServ Health app and manage your practice better.


Prescrip happens to be a fast-growing tech company that has been truly helpful to the healthcare scene in India. It has been around since 2014 as a simple iPad solution for doctors. The app facilitates video consultations, tracks treatment history, and helps you set follow-up reminders. It helps generate fast and neat patient prescriptions while keeping a complete record of the appointments.

Navia Life Care

The health tech venture, Navia Life Care, has developed the pathbreaking voice-based virtual assistant app for doctors. It focuses on developing a patient engagement platform for the medical providers that can meet all communication, monitoring, and compliance criteria. You can give online consultations and view a patient’s medical history. The app allows voice-enabled digital prescriptions that can be shared through text or WhatsApp. The company’s goal is to offer affordable, high-end solutions that align with the ever-changing medical needs while keeping a keen focus on advanced health tech.

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Practo focuses on assessing health issues, booking diagnostic tests, finding the right physician, obtaining medications, storing health records, or finding new ways to stay healthy. Then, the users can have one-on-one calls with you. The app will let you manage your appointments, keep a tab on your schedule, contact patients, offer prescriptions, and handle patient reviews. Just create your profile on the app to get started.


MFine is a popular app that lets doctors manage their medical practice effortlessly. Through this app, you can offer 24*7 online consultations to your patients. Patients can make audio or video calls based on the appointment type. You can share the prescription on the app itself. Though the appointments are payable, the follow-ups are not. Thus, more people are attracted to the app, which is also beneficial to the doctors.


Lybrate helps make sure that doctors can save time and improve their practice effortlessly. Through this online consultation app, you can improve your reach to patients all over the country effortlessly and also manage your practice. Moreover, the patients can contact you easily and make more informed decisions about their health.


Amiron is an app that helps healthcare professionals manage their daily schedules. With this app, you can effectively handle your shift to serve your patients properly. Additionally, the auto-schedule option will allow you to set appointments and follow-ups. You can integrate your shift with peer scheduling, manage a hospital or clinic, and use a range of scheduling templates.

Download any of these applications for doctors to manage your practice better and keep your focus on patient health and wellness.

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