Bloopers That Make Us Love Ryan Gosling Even More

For whatever reason, Ryan Gosling seems to be an actor who is often paired up with familiar faces. On top of his frequent collaborator Emma Stone, the star has also worked with “The Office” star Steve Carell on both “Crazy, Stupid, Love” in 2011 and “The Big Short” four years later in 2015. It is the first of these two movies that this blooper comes from.

The romantic comedy sees Carell play Cal Weaver, a middle-aged man who splits from his wife and has to learn how to date all over again. Enlisting the help of a local ladies’ man and charmer Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), Weaver learns how to have more luck in his romantic endeavors. This includes helping the 40-something how to style himself better.

During one scene where Cal is at a hair salon, Palmer slaps him on the cheeks affectionately. Gosling quickly walks away before all three actors in the scene explode into laughter because of the loud noise the slap made, with Gosling hitting his co-star a little harder than he initially intended. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like there were any hard feelings between the two actors.

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