David Corenswet’s Superman Look Has Fans Confusing Him For Another Man Of Steel

To be fair, both Henry Cavill and David Corenswet look like they were made in a factory designed to crank out actors who look like comic-accurate Supermen. Corenswet putting on some serious muscle only adds to the similarity. Sadly, he wasn’t filming for the DC movie in Mexico, so fans shouldn’t expect Clark Kent to go on spring break when “Superman” comes out in theaters in 2025. However, they’re clearly impressed with what they see so far.

X is filled with comments from people talking about how Corenswet is a perfect-looking Superman, referring to the actor as “massive” and “yoked.” X user @CromKull is already very excited with what’s on display. “Damn perfect size to be both Clark Kent and Superman! Nailed the look and height,” they wrote. Of course, people have been optimistic about Corenswet embodying Clark Kent even when his biceps aren’t on full display, as @stephenatl uploaded some pictures of Corenswet in a long-sleeve shirt at an event for his new movie, “The Greatest Hits.” Even then, it was clear he could play a great Superman, as they wrote, “Hard not to imagine his next role already #superman.”

Corenswet already has the body for Superman; hopefully, the story of the upcoming film does the character justice and gets the public excited for more DC movies. James Gunn may be directing “Superman,” but Corenswet is bringing some guns of his own to the production — if you catch our drift. 

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