Christina Applegate’s 5 Best TV Shows And Movie Roles (And Where To Watch Them)

When your average TV viewer thinks of Christina Applegate, it’s likely Kelly Bundy they remember. The “Married…with Children” character was the actress’ bread and butter for a good decade, taking her through her teenage years and helping her launch her adult career.  A dim bulb who loves easy fame, rock and roll, and boys, Kelly is not ashamed of her multiple assignations, her poor grades, or her utterly obvious ambitions — which, by and large, makes her a true Bundy.

Out of all of the memorable characters that populated Fox’s first hit sitcom, Kelly become a cultural cornerstone of the 1990s. The role launched Applegate to stardom and made her a style icon. While she subsequently had minor success in a series of beloved but short-lived sitcoms — “Jesse,” “Samantha Who?” and “Up All Night” — no comedic television role she’s accepted since has ever had quite the impact on the world that Kelly did. The popularity of “Married…with Children” is so enduring that the series has an animated reboot in the works, with Applegate reprising her role.

If you’ve missed out on the hubbub or just want to rewatch the show from the beginning, “Married…with Children” is available to stream in its entirety on Hulu. Select Season 1 and 2 episodes are also available for free on-demand at Pluto, and the show sometimes streams live on that platform’s sitcom-based channels. The series also airs late on Saturday night and into Sunday morning on the premium cable channel Logo.

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