Furiosa’s First Trailer Gives Mad Max Fans A Look At This High-Octane Origin Story

By the looks of it, “Furiosa” seems to be bringing back a lot of what fans loved about “Mad Max: Fury Road” and dialing it all up to 11. There’s thrilling set pieces, an epic score, and downright gorgeous cinematography that somehow conveys both the bleakness and beauty of the post-apocalypse better than most other movies.

Perhaps the most notable thing about the trailer is that fans finally get their first in-motion glimpse at Anya Taylor-Joy’s rendition of Furiosa. From this early look alone, it seems she’s set to do quite a convincing job. This version of Furiosa may be younger, but she’s clearly well on her way to becoming the badass, rugged survivalist fans know and love from “Fury Road.” Audiences also get a peek at some of the supporting cast, including MCU star Chris Hemsworth’s intriguing new character.

While the trailer offers some tantalizing glimpses into Furiosa’s tragic origin story, it’s clear that the movie is still holding many of its cards close to its chest. Fans will be able to see everything “Furiosa” has in store when it releases on May 24, 2024.

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