Deadpool 3 Set Photos Spoil A Spine-Chilling X-Men Villain Death

A previously leaked behind-the-scenes set image from “Deadpool 3” showing a structure of the 20th Century Fox movie logo amid a desolate background suggests how Deadpool will make the leap from Fox’s “X-Men” universe to the MCU proper, pretty much confirming that the movie will be a Multiverse-traversing adventure. Deadpool may even kill the old universe, with his battle against Sabretooth seeming like it’ll follow in that vein.

And Sabretooth probably won’t be the only villain popping up in the threequel. The Daily Mirror also reports that the actor who played Toad in the original “X-Men” film — Ray Park — was spotted on set as well. If accurate, that would mean “Deadpool 3” is pulling deep and will likely be a cameo-filled extravaganza, with numerous rumors of who else might return to the Marvel fold. For one, MCU fans are eagerly anticipating a Halle Berry cameo after the actor posted a Storm-y photo of herself on Twitter.

With “Deadpool 3” resuming filming following the conclusion of the SAG-AFTRA strike, it’s possible that plenty more details could leak in the coming weeks and months, so fans who want to go in knowing as little as possible may want to be cautious. Then again, who knows how significant Sabretooth’s death will be in the grand scheme of the film? Regardless, it would be best to keep expectations in check when it comes to which X-Men might appear.

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