Twilight’s Team Edward Vs Team Jacob Fan War Hurt Taylor Lautner’s Feelings

Why was there even a battle among “Twilight” fans over Team Edward and Team Jacob? One has to start at the beginning. Shortly after Bella Swan moves to Forks, Washington, to live with her dad, Charlie (Billy Burke), she encounters Edward Cullen, a pale, handsome boy in her high school class who initially seems to hate her. As she soon learns, he’s a vampire — along with the entire Cullen family — and her blood smells particularly delicious to him. Naturally, they fall in love and start dating, even though Edward could snap and kill Bella at any moment if he’s not careful.

Enter Jacob, a friend of Bella’s who comforts her in the franchise’s second installment, “New Moon,” after Edward ends the relationship. After Jacob starts acting strange, he reveals that he’s recently become a shapeshifter — a trait that runs in his indigenous Quileute bloodline — and can turn into a wolf, positioning himself as a natural enemy to Edward. The two boys eventually figure out a way to both stay in Bella’s life … and truthfully, aside from a kiss here and there, Bella’s devotion to Edward makes it impossible to view Jacob as a real contender for her heart. (He falls in love with her baby later on. “Twilight” is a strange series.)

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