Dune 2’s Oddly-Shaped Popcorn Bucket Gets Blowback After Twitter Makes It Dirty

It’s sort of fascinating how quickly Twitter turned a simple, visually inspiring popcorn bucket design into the joke of the day. Most tie-in products are lazy, so it’s genuinely great that the creatives behind the popcorn bucket found a way to make a product that’s directly related to the film that’s being promoted. A lazier approach would have been simply plastering the “Dune 2” characters on a basic popcorn bucket. Of course, the greatest thing that the popcorn bucket has done (so far) is show just how deranged Twitter can be. 

“Another day working at the multiplex. everyone keeps asking me if they can [have sex with] the Dune 2 popcorn bucket. buddy, this is an AMC, of course you can [have sex with] the popcorn bucket,” shared Twitter user @davidehrlich in a tweet with over 2500 reposts and 2.3 million views. “Gonna get the maximum amount of butter on my popcorn for no particular reason when I see dune 2,” said user @Dave_Tonight. Warning: please don’t actually do that — it’s not safe. 

For what it’s worth, American cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse tweeted that it wouldn’t be selling the bucket. “No, we will not have the cursed DUNE popcorn bucket,” before writing, “We’ll have something better!” One can only imagine that their promotional product will be more… grounded in reality. 

Please consult your doctor before buying the “Dune 2” popcorn bucket. The sequel hits cinemas on March 1, 2024. 

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