Former Lex Luthor Actor Reacts To Nicholas Hoult’s Superman: Legacy Casting

Plot details for “Superman: Legacy” are ultimately slim and it’s unclear what Nicholas Hoult’s performance as Lex Luthor will look like. While Luthor has notably been portrayed as bald, Hoult isn’t. One fan, in response to Jon Cryer’s X post about Hoult’s casting, jokingly complained about how the English actor was taking away a role from a bald actor. Cryer replied, “We’ll be okay” on the platform. It’s anyone’s guess if Hoult will be bald in “Superman: Legacy.” Jesse Eisenberg, who played a controversial iteration of Lex Luthor in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” notably boasted long hair until the film’s final moments, which saw him getting his head shaved.

While there’s much enthusiasm for Hoult’s casting as the LexCorp boss, the actor hasn’t publicly commented on the role as of this writing. Beyond that, Gunn has remained coy regarding the “Superman” picture’s plot, though we do know that the film isn’t an origin story. It remains to be seen if Superman, played by “Pearl” actor David Corenswet, will meet Luthor for the first time in “Legacy” or if they’ll already be at odds with one another. 

What is known is that Hoult has had a long journey with DC. The “Menu” actor was previously in talks to star as the titular character in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” though he ultimately lost the gig to fellow Englishman Robert Pattinson. Hoult was also reportedly in talks to star as Clark Kent in “Superman: Legacy,” but Gunn decided to go with Corenswet. Now, Hoult finally has a DC gig to call his own in Lex Luthor. 

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