Goonies & Back To The Future May Share A Weird Connection Says One Theory

Other than theoretically taking place on the same day, there isn’t much else tying the two movies together. It’s not like the characters’ stories could intersect in any way. “The Goonies” takes place in Astoria, Oregon. Meanwhile, “Back to the Future” is set in the fictional town of Hill Valley, California. It’s fun to imagine Doc and Marty (Michael J. Fox) having their time-traveling escapes at the same time the Goonies are searching for One-Eyed Willy’s treasure, but they couldn’t have influenced each other in any meaningful way (assuming they’re even in the same reality).

The films do share a Steven Spielberg connection. “The Goonies” was directed by Richard Donner, but Spielberg has a “story by” credit for the movie. Additionally, the production company behind “Back to the Future” is Amblin Entertainment, which Spielberg co-founded. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean much, as Spielberg is affiliated with many movies.

Is there any importance to the date of October 26, 1985 itself? According to, the soul number (a number that reflects one’s innermost desires) for that date is eight. Come to think of it, the DeLorean can only travel through time when it hits 88 miles per hour. And “The Goonies” soundtrack has the song “Eight Arms to Hold You” by Goon Squad on it. Okay, it’s time to stop digging into this before we uncover the secret of the universe. 

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