How Critics & Audiences Feel About The Marvel Movie

Of course, this isn’t the first time that fans have fought back against critics, especially concerning superhero movies. Notably, both “Venom” and “Morbius”┬áhave a massive gulf between the reactions of professional and more casual movie reviewers.

This trend continues with “Madame Web,” where the void between critics and viewers is substantial. “Madame Web’s disastrously-woven pile of flaws exceeds the descriptive limits of not only the English language but of the very collective of contrived sound itself,” read a particularly scathing take from Charlotte Simmons of We Got This Covered.

Fans pushed back in many of their approximations. “Awesome film kept me laughing and such a great period piece,” said Jasmine M. However, not all were so kind to “Madame Web.” “If you thought Aquaman was bad, this movie is atrocious,” wrote Joe R. User Elvs P. agreed, writing, “More horrible writing and stories … save your money … This is the worst Sony MCU movie to date.”

Since we’re still in one of the slower parts of the release schedule, casual audiences may be enticed to give “Madame Web” a shot. Still, taking a beating this nasty just two years after “Morbius” is not a good look for Sony’s Marvel movies.

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