Isabela Merced’s Superman: Legacy Tease Disappeared

Isabela Merced posted a photo straight from the “Superman: Legacy” table read that showed off her name placard, which indicates she’s playing Hawkgirl and contains an intriguing Superman “S” emblem. The picture was shared via her Instagram stories, but Culture Crave managed to upload it to X, formerly known as Twitter. Many were quick to point out how the “S” depicted in the logo resembles what Superman wore in the “Kingdom Come” storyline, written by Mark Waid with exceptionally beautiful art from Alex Ross. 

Merced’s tease isn’t exactly the first post hinting that James Gunn has plans for “Kingdom Come” in his new DC cinematic universe. In November 2022, Gunn posted an image from the comic book arc on X along with the caption, “Making plans.” Given the magnitude of such a storyline, some could’ve assumed he may have had “Kingdom Come” in his line of sight to adapt down the road. But with that specific “S” now getting affiliated with “Superman: Legacy,” it’s possible the story (or at least elements of it) is coming to the big screen much sooner. 

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