Jensen Ackles Cast As X-Men’s Cyclops In MCU Fanart You’ll Never Be Able To Unsee

While @21xfour’s artwork depicting Jensen Ackles as the MCU’s Cyclops is convincing, fans may wonder whether there’s any realistic chance of the actor getting cast. At the time of this article’s publishing, it’s unknown whether the MCU’s X-Men will even include Cyclops and, if it does, who will play him. Glen Powell has been rumored to be portraying Cyclops, but he pushed back on the idea. Ackles has yet to join the MCU, so it’s possible he could wind up in the X-Men reboot. However, there’s not much evidence out there supporting it.

Previously, various outlets reported that Ackles was considered by Marvel Studios for Captain America — a claim that the actor has since debunked. However, that’s not to say he’s completely opposed to playing such a character. “I think it was an internet rumor that people thought would be a good idea,” he told Men’s Health. “And I guess some people reacted to it and continued to push that rumor along. But in my mind, I was like, ‘I wish!’ I’ve heard that there was a short list of people, and I was one of the names on the shortlist — but it never got to me!”

Of course, Ackles is no stranger to the world of superheroes. In live-action, he portrayed the twisted Captain America analog Soldier Boy in Prime Video’s “The Boys.” In animation, he provided the voice of Batman on several occasions; he also indicated that he’d like to portray the character in the live-action DC Universe.

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