Jon Hamm Transforms Into X-Men Villain Mister Sinister In Cool Fan Art

Despite his disappointing experience with “The New Mutants,” Jon Hamm still wants to find a home within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speaking to Screen Rant in late 2023, the former “Mad Men” star discussed how he’d still love to bring one of Marvel’s characters to life. “Hopefully, whatever their plans are, they include me,” Hamm said. “But if not, I know that they have a pretty deep bench of folks that are ready to be a part of those stories.”

Hamm already has ideas about who he’d like to portray and has name-dropped one big bad in particular who regularly causes major issues in the comics. “There are certainly a lot of stories in the ‘X-Men’ world to be told. ‘Fantastic Four’ as well, [like] Doctor Doom,” Hamm said. “There are so many great things out there. But yeah, I hope I get a chance. Who knows?”

The ruler of Latveria hasn’t yet been scheduled to arrive in the MCU, and Kang is still expected to try and conquer the universe in future films despite Jonathan Majors being dropped from the role. In fact, one of the first names rumored to be Majors’ replacement is “The Color Purple” star Colman Domingo, who, like Hamm, has expressed interest in being a villain before. If that slot gets filled as the Marvel Studios ship steadies itself once again, Hamm would be an excellent choice for Mr. Sinister, Doom, or, frankly, anyone who needs to look good in a cape or suit.

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