Josh Brolin Shared A Rumor That Thanos May Return

It’s important to note that Josh Brolin doesn’t explicitly confirm that Thanos is returning, but his word choice is certainly inspiring. “… [T]hey’re gonna bring him back,” the actor said, implying that the canonical version of the character could return, as opposed to another appearance in “What If…?” which features hypothetical scenarios in the MCU. When one takes a look at the upcoming Marvel release calendar, the most obvious choice for Thanos’ return is “Deadpool 3.” The upcoming Shawn Levy-directed picture will be the first flick in the MCU to fully fold in 20th Century Studios’ roster of “X-Men” characters. 

The self-aware nature of the “Deadpool” franchise could lend itself to Brolin’s return as Thanos, as the actor famously played Cable in “Deadpool 2.” Having Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth openly call out the casting could be a great way to have the MCU formally acknowledge Brolin’s two characters. Beyond that, rumors have suggested for quite some time that “Deadpool 3” will be riddled with cameos and that the project could feature the multiverse in some capacity. 

While plot details aren’t concrete for “Deadpool 3,” the inclusion of the multiverse opens up the possibility of Deadpool running into a version of Thanos. Audiences could maybe see Thanos in an alternate universe, or it’s possible that the character could simply not be dead — a fan theory that has dominated since “Endgame.” 

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