Karen Gillan Transforms Into James Gunn’s Poison Ivy In Retro DC Fan Art

For the time being, Karen Gillan’s chances of actually getting cast as Poison Ivy in a future DCU film or TV show are unclear. However, the actor has expressed interest in playing the character. In an April 2023 interview with Total Film, Gillan was asked if there are any DC Comics characters she’d like to play. She responded, “I always thought that Poison Ivy was really fun. So maybe something like that would be cool.” Touching on her long history with James Gunn, she added, “Honestly, if James asked me to play an alien that sits in the background of a shot and doesn’t talk, I would say yes [laughs]. Because working with him has been one of the great joys of my career so far.”

She isn’t the only actor who has made their desire to take on the next live-action incarnation of the iconic DC villain known. During a June 2023 appearance on the “Bingeworthy” podcast, Katee Sackhoff both addressed Gillan’s comments and once again shared her interest in reprising the role of Poison Ivy, whom she voiced in the 2021 two-part animated film, “Batman: The Long Halloween.” “[I] saw Karen Gillan wants to play her, too. And, like, she’s got a closer ‘in’ than I do, so I feel like that’s a given. I feel like I’ve got no horse in that race if Karen wants to play that character,” Sackhoff said. While lavishing Gillan with immense admiration and praise, “The Mandalorian” actor still maintained that “[I] still would love to, for sure.”

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