Madame Web Director Seems To Confirm Two Crucial Spider-Man Characters Do Appear

Sony has made multiple “Venom” movies and “Morbius” with even more projects on the way, including “Kraven the Hunter.” The studio’s going through Spider-Man adjacent characters without having a confirmed Spidey to go up against them at some point. With it now being heavily implied that “Madame Web” has Ben and Mary Parker involved in some capacity, we’re finally making progress on having a Spider-Man join the franchise at some point. Fan theories have swirled with possibilities of which variant it could be, so what are the chances Peter himself will appear in “Madame Web?”

The answer is pretty unlikely. It’s been confirmed that “Madame Web” takes place in 2003. With “Venom” and “Morbius” more set during the modern day, this makes “Madame Web” a prequel of sorts. This would add up if Adam Scott is actually playing Ben Parker, as he’s significantly younger than how Ben is typically portrayed in “Spider-Man” media. The same holds true if Emma Roberts is Mary Parker. In fact, Mary could easily be pregnant with Peter during the events of “Madame Web.” This could still make Peter roughly a teenager during the events of “Venom” and the other Sony-verse movies, giving the franchise its Spider-Man at long last.

On the off-chance fans see Peter Parker, he will probably be a baby at most. Fans will just have to wait for Valentine’s Day to see how “Madame Web” adds to the franchise’s mythos and whether it sets the stage for Spider-Man to finally swing into action. 

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