AI Reimagines Keanu Reeves As Marvel & DC Characters (Prepare To Say ‘Whoa’)

To be fair, Keanu Reeves likely has some kind of comic book adaptation in his future. As of November 2023, “Constantine 2” sounds like it’s in still progress despite shake-ups at DC Studios, with the director confirming its status: The Reeves-starring sequel will be released as part of DC Elseworlds, which is separate from the DCU. This means there’s more than enough room in these expansive franchises for the actor to play multiple comic book characters on the big screen — he’s even floated various ideas over the years.

For instance, we finally know that Reeves’ younger self would want to play the Marvel character Ghost Rider. Beyond that, Reeves was asked during a Reddit AMA if there were any parts he regretted passing up, and although none came to mind, he revealed, “I did always want to play Wolverine.” The mutant doesn’t show up in any of the images posted by @esheffects, but there’s little doubt Reeves would do a bang-up job as Logan. With the facial hair and his penchant for playing violent characters, he could easily inhabit a Wolverine from another universe.

While a new Wolverine is inevitable, as for now, Hugh Jackman still has a monopoly on playing the character in live-action movies, including returning from his death in “Logan” to appear in “Deadpool 3.” Moreover, it’s probably a safe bet that Marvel will go for someone younger to carry on the mantle. However, given Reeves’ incredible popularity, it makes sense for either Marvel or DC to cast him in something down the line.

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