Michelle Trachtenberg’s Tragic True Life Story

Training for the movie “Ice Princess” caused Michelle Trachtenberg to injure herself on multiple occasions, but that’s not a big deal; any of us probably would have done the same or worse. That said, in the years since then, there’s been plenty of evidence indicating that she’s accident prone, even when she’s not out on the ice rink. Always one to be open with her fans, Trachtenberg usually stays ahead of the news by announcing her various injuries on social media.

Back in October 2011, Trachtenberg posted a tweet about having gone to the ER for a splint that left some fans alarmed. Just a little while later she admitted that she managed to cut her arm on a glass vase, and she spent a little bit of time doing photo shoots with her arm in a sling. Sometimes her injuries have been a bit more disruptive, but she’s always managed to get through them. She spent a sizable part of 2019 walking with her leg in a boot after breaking her ankle, but she celebrated her recovery at the end of the year on Instagram.

Then, not quite three years later, Trachtenberg broke her ankle yet again. She shared a gnarly looking photo of the injury on Instagram while joking about the fact that she still needed to get back to work. The very next day she made a post showing off her new crutch, but at the very least she’s got a healthy amount of experience using it.

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