Oppenheimer’s Oscars Snub Leaves Twitter Users Furious

Some of the films on the best visual effects shortlist are big-budget blockbusters, a few of which are heavily reliant on CGI. Some social media users believe that “Oppenheimer” looks better than these flicks, particularly the superhero movies still in the running. For example, @CCortave24 was shocked to learn that “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” made the cut, but there was no place for Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed drama. Surely not?

Elsewhere, @relzdrago believes that “Oppenheimer” being snubbed is an insult, especially since the movie created its visuals through practical effects. “This is a huge slap in the face to Nolan considering his method,” they wrote. “Wow.”

Then there was X userĀ @RamVenkatSrikar, who has a humorous theory as to why “Oppenheimer” was snubbed. “The VFX of OPPENHEIMER was so good that The Academy thought there was no VFX in the film and thereby, didn’t shortlist it,” they said, implying the work of Nolan’s crew far eclipses other movies.

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