Pixar’s Harry Potter Movie Is Too Good To Be True

In the comments to lunaa_slytherin’s “Harry Potter” Pixar mashup, fans clamored for more videos. One commenter begged for a Pixar Voldemort in all caps. Another wrote, “If I don’t see a Pixar Draco Malfoy soon I will riot.” Lunaa_slytherin promptly delivered. One video features a number of the Hogwarts staff, including Dumbledore and Snape. Others recreate scenes from “The Prisoner of Azkaban” and “The Chamber of Secrets,” respectively. As promised, the TikTokker created separate videos that show off animated versions of Malfoy and Voldemort.

There are still some key “Harry Potter” players missing. Neville and Luna haven’t been transformed yet, and most of the Order of the Phoenix is AWOL, as well. Still, if the positive reception stays at the same fever pitch, the digital creator is sure to keep cranking out more mashups. It wouldn’t be surprising if all eight films are represented eventually.

The events of “Harry Potter” are considerably darker than most Pixar films, meaning some of the mashups moving forward could have a jarring edge to them. Then again, Pixar has never been afraid to include human tragedy. Indeed, lunaa_slytherin’s original video is set to the theme “Married Life” from “Up,” which soundtracks the movie’s emotional opening montage — one of the saddest scenes that Pixar ever committed to the big screen. The Pixar and “Harry Potter” mashups aren’t just fun to look at. They’re suited for each other tonally, as well.

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