Shazam Star Zachary Levi Calls Out James Gunn For Casting His Brother In The DCU

In a longer version of the interview, Zachary Levi also discussed his relationship with James Gunn and Peter Safran. “Listen, I’ve known Peter now for years because he’s my producer on ‘Shazam!’ and I’ve known James Gunn for even more years,” the actor said. “We have mutual friends and we’ve had game nights together in LA. I’ve been at a Christmas party of his and almost was Star-Lord in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.”

This relationship brings a bunch of additional context to Levi’s comment and implies that he wasn’t exactly taking potshots into the unknown. Since he says that he’s on good terms with Gunn, the apparent swipe at Sean Gunn can be taken as a throwaway joke instead of a genuine call-out. It would make sense that Levi isn’t trying to actively insult the co-head of DC Studios by implying that Gunn lets his brother pick his roles since Levi’s own future in the DCU is still unclear. The actor himself would like to stay on board and has expressed interest in working with a representative of the Green Lantern Corps — whether it’s Nathan Fillion’s Guy Gardner as he stated in the interview, or Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. For now, it remains to be seen whether these aspirations ever come to fruition.

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