Star Trek Had A Huge Star Wars Easter Egg

It seems that sneaky “Star Wars” homages were an in-joke for some “Star Trek” creators, as Alderaan briefly reappeared in another series. In the “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” Season 1 episode titled “A Man Alone,” the planet crops up during the scene where Odo (René Auberjonois) checks Ibudan’s (Stephen James Carver) calendar.

Meanwhile, other fans have pondered how the Federation would have reacted to the Galactic Republic’s destruction of Alderaan. As Redditor u/TheBurgareanSlapper wrote, “If Alderaan is an Imperial planet, its destruction is a clear-cut case of an internal Empire affair and none of the Federation’s business. The most the Federation Council may do is send a strongly worded letter to the Imperial Ambassador. Maybe.”

Sadly, high-definition Blu-ray technology has ruined the idea that both franchises are canonically intertwined. That said, “Star Wars” and “E.T.” might exist in the same universe, which is also an exciting notion.

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