The Amazon Prime Rom-Com Blowing Up The Charts Right Now

We seem to be entering a renaissance of sorts for romantic comedies, as “Upgraded” is just the latest in the genre to be a hit with both critics and fans. Over on Rotten Tomatoes, Camila Mendes’ latest boasts a positive 78% Fresh score. Samantha Bergeson of IndieWire was particularly pleased with the picture, praising its performances, sharp writing, and powerful themes. “This is a story about women supporting women, especially across generations, and that’s what makes ‘Upgraded’ resonate more than just a frothy rom-com would,” she wrote, praising the creatives for breaking the typical rom-com mold. 

Audiences on Rotten Tomatoes gave the picture a less enthusiastic 68% score, which is far from awful, but not as high as the one critics gave it. Over on film ranking and review site Letterboxd, “Upgraded” boasts a 2.8 out of 5 user score. “camila mendes i am reading your palm. in 20 years this movie will become a classic. i am a very legit psychic,” wrote user asolas in a 4.5-star review, displaying just how enthusiastic romantic comedy fans are.

For Mendes, “Upgraded” is another winner in her expanding CV, as she executive produced the Prime Video picture, eager to make it her own. “… It was really important that I came on as an executive producer, because I had a lot of ideas and opinions, and things that I wanted to evolve in the scripts,” she told Variety, revealing that she helped develop Ana’s character further. Clearly, Mendes’ notes worked, as it’s one of her highest-ranked films on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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