The Borderlands Trailer Finally Dropped & Twitter Is Not Holding Back

Many have likely seen the meme where kids will ask a parent to pick up McDonald’s, only for the parent to say, “We have food at home.” The joke is that whatever’s at home just isn’t appealing in the same way McDonald’s is to a child. In this scenario, kids are asking for another “Guardians of the Galaxy,” but the thing waiting for them at home is the “Borderlands” movie, at least based on what people are saying about the trailer.

It’s easy to draw the above comparison, with the team having a “found family” dynamic and the trailer featuring a 1970s pop-rock classic from Electric Light Orchestra. X user @Dantromp_ criticized the overall aesthetic, tweeting, “Borderlands is a guardians of the galaxy rip off. It’s miscast and it goes down the stereotypical path of a heist movie.” The same opinion was espoused by @gknout, who remarked, “The new #Borderlands feels like it is straining way too hard to be the next Guardians of the Galaxy. I’d rather just go back and replay the 2009 classic.”

Granted, it’s worth mentioning the first “Borderlands” game came out in 2009 and used “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant in its opening sequence. In a way, it was a wacky space adventure with hip music before “Guardians of the Galaxy.” But that’s merely one part of this equation.

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