The Crow Remake Reveals Bill Skarsgard’s New Look & Fans Are Making The Same Joke

Overall, fans don’t seem to be pleased with the first look at Bill Skarsgard’s “The Crow.” Brandon Lee’s interpretation of the character was far more muted and lowkey, with the character decked out in a simple black leather fit. Skarsgard’s take is definitely more maximalist and draws tons of attention, though it should be noted that the first stills from the film show him shirtless. It’s possible that the character will eventually don garbs similar to Lee’s… but then why go through all the trouble to have his chest decked out in tats? And those who hate the ink on his chest will no doubt have issues with this version’s face — he’s got pronounced tattoos all over his head… just like the Joker.

For some fans, like @MadixCarver, the debut look serves as a disappointing interpretation, one that solidifies that more doesn’t necessarily mean better. “Amazing how film makers haven’t gotten the message yet that extra isn’t always better,” they wrote. “Edgy comes from the performance, not an abundance of tacky ink.”

Yes, the Joker comparisons are there, but fans are notably disappointed that Skarsgard doesn’t boast the character’s signature long hair. “I get that they probably don’t want to try and copy Brandon’s iconic look and legacy but the long hair is missed…it feels a bit off but I do love Bill,” said @KryptKeeper21. A similar sentiment was echoed by @FullM3talAlch13, who wrote, “They had 1 job.. long hair man. He looks like the joker.”

The Vanity Fair image from above shows Skarsgard’s character from the side, revealing that he does have a mullet. While it’s not as lengthy as Lee’s hair, this updated take on “The Crow” does feature long-ish hair.

“The Crow” arrives on June 7 2024.

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