The Ending Of Ferrari Explained

Before we look at the film’s ending, let’s recap some important moments that influence the finale. While Ferrari is still seen as an iconic and beloved brand in Italian culture, its founder Enzo Ferrari is fearful of the company’s decline. Not only has their team been unsuccessful on the track lately, but they’re starting to go broke to the point where Enzo is being advised to find an investor who will buy into the company. At home, things aren’t much better. The loss of their son and fluctuations in the business have caused major rifts between Enzo and Laura, and now Enzo’s secret relationship with Lina is on the verge of being discovered. Lina has grown tired of Enzo not acknowledging their son Piero as his own, as a Ferrari. However, Enzo is focused solely on an upcoming race — the treacherous 1000 miles of Mille Miglia — and building a team that’ll lead Ferrari to victory. 

While his first driver dies from a horrifying crash during a time trial, he’s able to pull together a team that includes a young aspiring driver named Alfonso De Portago (Gabriel Leone). Through Enzo’s dedication to creating the perfect car for the race and some swift business dealings, Ferrari has a chance to reclaim their position as number one. What Enzo doesn’t realize, though, is that Lauren has found out about Lina and Piero, and she forces Enzo into a corner to make a deal to buy out her shares.

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