The Ending Of Maestro Explained

Before we get into the tragic end of “Maestro” though, let’s do a quick recap of everything that got us there. Soon after Leonard became famous for his renowned conducting debut for the New York Philharmonic, he met Felicia during a party at his sister Shirley’s (Sarah Silverman) house. The two quickly bond over their artistic passions and the brilliance that each displays, and their admiration quickly turns to affection. Eventually, the two fall in love, get married, and start a family together. While they find relative success in their own careers, Leonard’s trajectory to full-blown star of the music world is far faster. This causes Leonard’s ego to grow in dangerous ways and he starts to openly explore his sexual desires — which starts to cause a major rift in his marriage with Felicia. 

Leonard begins to publicly have an affair with a young man named Tommy Cothran (Gideon Glick) and the ripples of those actions eventually threaten to destroy his marriage. Felicia feels tired of playing second fiddle to Leonard’s music and his lovers, while Leonard believes that her frustrations stem from jealousy — which is clearly driven by his ego. After spending some time apart, Leonard and Felicia eventually reconcile, but are forced to deal with a sudden illness that arises. 

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