The Legend Of Zelda – Director, Writer, Producer, And More Info

Nintendo and Sony Pictures, which are both distributing and co-financing the picture, haven’t announced any cast members for “The Legend of Zelda” film. Considering that production on the projects seems to still be in its early stages, it stands to reason that a cast won’t be revealed for quite some time. However, it’s more than likely that preliminary conversations surrounding potential actors have already started. After all, “Zelda” has what it takes to be another billion-dollar project for Nintendo, and they’re likely interested in actors who can commit to multiple projects for the next few years. 

While we don’t know who is starring in the flick, it’s obvious that Nintendo will want Link, Zelda, and Ganon in the film. The games have shown these characters at various ages, but it’s likely that we’ll see our heroes (and villains) as young adults, allowing the actors to grow into the roles. One fan casting that is both popular and controversial is that of Tom Holland as Link. Holland previously played Nathan Drake in the “Uncharted” film and is sort of a poster child for Sony Pictures, making him a solid option. However, Link is typically mute in the games, so it will be interesting if he’ll have a voice in the upcoming adaptation. As for Zelda, the internet has cheekily suggested Zendaya for the role. Another popular fan cast is Any Taylor-Joy, who voiced Princess Peach in the “Mario” film.  

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