The Only Actors Still Alive From Superman: The Movie

While Zod and Lex Luthor originated in past Superman stories, the first major movie adaptation of the comic book hero introduced some new villains to the forefront. Among them was one of Zod’s allies, Ursa, played by actress Sarah Douglas. Ursa holds an especially strong disdain for all mankind and proves to be a match for Superman, finally fighting him in “Superman II.” Her film persona eventually reached the comic book pages in 2007’s “Action Comics #845.”

The 71-year-old performer is no stranger to superheroes, having starred and provided voice work in a variety of TV shows and movies since starring in “Superman: The Movie.” Some of these titles include “The Return of Swamp Thing,” “Batman Beyond,” and “Green Lantern: The Animated Series.” Like Terrence Stamp, she has also appeared in other Superman-related projects with roles in the TV shows “Superman: The Animated Series” and “Supergirl.” 

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