The Only Beverly Hills Cop Actors That Appear In Every Movie

It’s been almost 30 years since a new “Beverly Hills Cop” movie was released. The franchise has been on hiatus ever since 1994’s “Beverly Hills Cop III,” which was famously welcomed with overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics. In the years that followed, numerous attempts were made to try to revive the franchise. A spin-off TV series centered around Axel Foley’s son was even developed in 2012 and 2013. However, CBS ultimately passed on the project, and both the show and its unaired pilot ended up going nowhere.

Now, thanks to Netflix and returning “Beverly Hills Cop” producer Jerry Bruckheimer, a sequel is finally on its way. While details about the plot of “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” have been kept largely under wraps, it’s not hard to see why the first teaser trailer for it places such a heavy emphasis on the sequel’s returning characters. After all, what better way to get longtime “Beverly Hills Cop” fans interested in “Axel F” than by spotlighting how many of the franchise’s previous characters have been brought back for it?

In addition to Murphy and Judge Reinhold, actors Paul Reiser, John Ashton, and Bronson Pinchot are also set to return as Jeffrey Friedman, Serge, and John Taggart, respectively, in “Axel F.” But the fact that Reinhold and Murphy are in all four “Beverly Hills Cop” installments is an undeniable accomplishment and one that fits Billy and Axel’s relationship,¬†which is initially filled with contempt but eventually defined by their mutual respect.

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