The Only Reason A Family Guy Movie Hasn’t Happened, According To Seth MacFarlane

The prospect of a “Family Guy” movie has regularly come up over the years. As recently as April 2023, producers Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin spoke with Emmy Magazine (republished by MovieWeb) about the prospect of a film, and Appel expressed how it didn’t look promising. “We haven’t made a movie yet because Seth [MacFarlane] will be an active part of that, starting with the script,” he said. “And right now, between the ‘Ted’ TV series and book club, he just doesn’t have the time.”

MacFarlane has stated in the past that he hasn’t written for “Family Guy” for years now. At this point, he mostly just records lines for characters like Peter and Stewie. However, Appel’s comment suggests that he’d want a hand in crafting the story for a “Family Guy” movie. This explains why it hasn’t moved forward, as MacFarlane has his hands full with other projects. “Family Guy” is just one more thing on his plate, but it doesn’t sound like the show itself is going away any time soon, as the show’s creator told TheWrap about how he has no intention of ending the animated sitcom. “It’s still surviving and thriving. It still has a sizable audience and is a perfect example of there being an appetite for something,” he remarked. “So we continue to feed the beast.”

The best “Family Guy” episodes showcase the numerous storylines that could work with the Griffin family. Hopefully, MacFarlane’s schedule clears up soon so that he can get to work leading the way for the most epic “Family Guy” adventure yet. 

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