The Truth Of Rachel Zegler No One Seems To Talk About

In addition to her contributions to movie soundtracks and her many singing covers showcased on her YouTube channel — ranging from musical numbers to Taylor Swift hits — you can also add songwriter to Rachel Zegler’s resume because she also writes and sings her own original music. Among her early creations is the song “forty-seven days,” uploaded on YouTube in September 2017. Zegler shared in the video’s caption that it took her 47 days to compose the song, with lyrics reflecting on resilience and optimism: “Things get hard; that I know, but a breath shows where to go. You’ll be so much gladder than when you’d cry and count to ten.”

Following this, Zegler has shared several more original compositions, such as “twisted,” “lonely world,” “clouded eyes,” “an old sad song,” “an ode to fame,” “brooklyn, first edition,” “elegy in may,” and “i love you.” Her official debut single, “Let Me Try,” was released in 2021 and is her only original song that can be listened to on music streaming services. In a post on X announcing the single’s release, Zegler described it as “the most special song I have ever written.” Here’s to hoping for an album release sometime in the near future.

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