The Two MCU Veterans Marvel’s Kevin Feige Will Likely Never Work With Again

With this knowledge, the chances of Edward Norton popping up somewhere in the Multiverse Saga seem slim. Joss Whedon is also probably last on the list to direct “Avengers: Secret Wars,” but fans may still wonder whether the characters featured on “Agents of SHIELD,” the source of contention between Whedon and Kevin Feige, could still appear in some Marvel projects. 

Rumors circulated that Daisy Johnson, aka Quake (Chloe Bennet), would be in “Secret Invasion,” but she does not appear. One could imagine the more grounded “Agents of SHIELD” figures popping up in more Earth-bound Marvel projects, such as “Armor Wars” and “Ironheart.” “MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios” states those characters are in limbo, making it sound like there aren’t plans for them to return. 

The bad blood between Feige and Whedon is all too real if those characters are abandoned. After all, “Inhumans” was an infamous flop, but Black Bolt (Anson Mount) still has a brief role in “Multiverse of Madness.” The fact that “Agents of SHIELD” characters are even more forgotten about, despite the show lasting seven seasons, speaks volumes. If Feige ever decides to step down from Marvel and let someone else take the reins, there could be a chance for Quake and her teammates to return. But, for now, “Agents of SHIELD” might as well have occurred in a completely different dimension.

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