Timothée Chalamet ‘Spoils’ Return Of Dead Character In Dune 3 (If It Ever Happens)

A third Dune movie is not yet a sure thing and may well depend on “Dune: Part Two” amassing a sizable enough profit to convince Warner Bros. that the franchise should continue. But a recent report indicates that this may not be the case; according to author Jeff Sneider’s newsletter, The InSneider, Warner Bros. has quietly greenlit a third Dune film and tentatively scheduled its release for 2027.

This information tracks with the fact that, in early December, Denis Villeneuve addressed his plans for a threequel during a press conference in South Korea. During the event, available publicly on Youtube, the director shared that he’s not just working on a screenplay for the project he’ll be working on after “Dune,” but that the script for a third chapter in the franchise script is nearly complete.

Presumably, Villeneuve would not have spent the amount of time it takes to practically finish a feature film screenplay if he wasn’t at least somewhat confident Warner Bros. was interested in more “Dune.” Fans of Jason Momoa’s Duncan Idaho, then, can rest assured that the prospect of his return at this point seems fairly likely.

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