Tom Holland’s Marvel Bonus For Avengers Took The ‘Smugness’ Out Of This Hollywood Veteran

One can’t help but appreciate Tom Hollander’s pain in that situation. It’s bad enough that Hollander has to share a similar name as the “Avengers” actor, but to also have Tom Holland’s financial accomplishments rubbed in his face? That’s brutal. But for Hollander, this confusion seems to be a constant that he can’t escape. In his chat with Seth Meyers, he candidly opened up about how people are often excited to meet him — only to realize he isn’t Peter Parker. 

“Yes, it’s been very difficult. Because, you know, I was here first,” Hollander said about the whole situation. “In non-visual contexts, I am mistaken for him all the time. So, like, talking to utility companies, they just [go], ‘And what’s your name?’ And they go, ‘Tom Holland?'”

While Hollander has had to deal with this sort of nonsense in the last few years, it should be noted that he’s a pretty great actor — one who consistently puts out solid performances in whatever medium he decides to play in. He’s been in countless big-budget productions that have generated billions of dollars at the box office, like the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, where he plays East India Trading Company leader Cutler Beckett. Despite his wide-ranging filmography, Hollander hasn’t worked with Holland as of yet — here’s hoping that manifests sometime soon.

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